3 Reasons It Is Important To Never Skip Your Car's Oil Change

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3 Reasons It Is Important To Never Skip Your Car's Oil Change

12 July 2023
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It can often be tempting to push the limits when it comes to how frequently you get the oil in your car changed. This is especially true for many people when facing financial hardships. However, choosing to give in to this temptation is never a good idea. Continue reading below to learn more about three reasons you should never skip or postpone having your car's oil changed.

#1: Dirty Engine Oil Can Result In Sluggish Performance

As motor oil circulates through your vehicle, this oil picks up small bits of dirt and other debris that thicken the oil over time. The thicker the oil becomes, the more difficult it is for the oil to continue circulating. This can lead to sluggish engine performance that causes you to experience things such as difficulty accelerating, frequent stalling, or even overheating. That is why if you want your vehicle to continue operating at peak conditions, you should never skip a scheduled oil change. 

#2: Regular Oil Changes Help Protect Your Engine From Serious Damage

Engine repairs are among the most expensive repairs your vehicle can require. Depending on the current value of your vehicle, you may even find that the cost of major engine repairs or an engine replacement exceeds the overall value of your car. While getting regular oil changes does not guarantee that nothing will go wrong with your engine, it is a very good start to avoid major engine damage. This is because motor oil is designed to protect your engine against heat and friction damage. As engine oil gets thicker as a result of debris, it becomes increasingly less efficient at protecting your engine from this type of damage. Getting your oil changed according to the recommended schedule for your vehicle helps to ensure that your vehicle enjoys the maximum level of protection at all times. 

#3: Getting Your Oil Changed Regularly Can Save You Money On Gas

If you are worried about the cost of having your car's oil changed, you should know that choosing to postpone this vital maintenance could actually be costing you more at the pump. This is because the harder your engine has to work, the more fuel you can expect your car to consume. The dirtier your engine oil becomes, the harder you can expect your engine to work and the fewer miles you can expect to get to the gallon. Consequently, choosing to spend a little bit of cash upfront to get your oil changed can actually save you a lot more in the long run when you factor in the fuel savings you will enjoy. 

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