Exposing Misconceptions About Repairing Foreign Made Cars

It is no secret that automobiles are incredibly complex machines, and when they break down, it can be extremely confusing to have them repaired. This is particularly true for those who own foreign made cars. Unfortunately, the difficulties of having these issues addressed can be compounded by a lack of knowledge or the belief of […]

What Is A Dual-Clutch Transmission

You have three choices when it comes to transmissions: automatic, manual, and dual-clutch. To better understand how a dual-clutch functions you will need a basic understanding of how an automatic and manual transmission work, because a dual-clutch transmission combines the two types. Dual-clutch transmission is also referred to as a semi-automatic transmission and automated manual […]

What Should You Expect From Your Dual Drive Transmission?

If you’ve recently purchased one of the late model vehicles that offers a dual drive transmission, you’re likely already enjoying the smooth shifting and improved fuel economy compared to your previous manual or automatic transmission. However, other than the enhancements you’ve noticed to your driving experience, you may not know much about the operation, maintenance, […]