3 Minivan Rental Tips For A Stress-Free Experience

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3 Minivan Rental Tips For A Stress-Free Experience

28 November 2017
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If you plan on visiting a new city or state for an extended period of time, you need a form of transportation. Renting a minivan is a great option if you need extra room and practical amenities. Ensure your renting experience goes well by taking these steps:

Book From the Right Company

Today, you have many companies to rent from as far as minivans go. What company is reputable and offers the best deals? Start with locally-owned companies. A lot of times to compete with bigger franchises, smaller companies will offer better deals and more insurance options.

Before booking with smaller companies, which may be lesser known, look through several reviews first. See what previous customers think so you can make an informed decision.  

Whether the company is large or small, make sure you compare prices to see which ones offer the best rates. If you're booking online with a company, search for coupon/discount codes beforehand to save extra money. 

Extensively Review the Contract 

When you rent a minivan, you'll be asked to sign a contract. Take your time reading through it completely, understanding exactly what the terms are and what you're liable for. Specifically, pay attention to any penalties for no-showing or returning the minivan late.

Know exactly when the van is due back and assess its condition before taking off. You wouldn't want the rental company charging you for damages that you didn't cause, after all. If you plan on driving a long way, make sure there are no restrictions. Some companies may prevent you from driving across state lines. 

Upgrade to Modern Features 

You can rent out minivans with standard features or models that have upgraded amenities. The latter option may be more expensive, but the extra features may come in handy for many different situations. 

For example, you may be new to a certain city. When you upgrade to a minivan with voice-automated navigation, you can quickly get in-depth directions that make traveling stress-free. For longer trips with the family, you may need an upgraded entertainment system that has premium audio and TV screens incorporated into the headrests. Everyone in the family can stay entertained for hours on the road. 

When renting a minivan, be it for work or personal pleasure, take your time with this decision. Choose the right company and make sure the van is fully equipped to your liking before signing any contract. Contact local minivan rental services for more information and assistance.