Three Of The Most Common Myths Truck Drivers Believe About Their Truck's Transmission

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Three Of The Most Common Myths Truck Drivers Believe About Their Truck's Transmission

12 January 2016
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A truck's transmission is one of the vehicle's most important parts, and one that sees the most abuse though the course of normal driving. Unfortunately, while many truck drivers understand how their transmissions basically work, there are a lot of myths that abound. Here's a look at three of the most common myths truck drivers believe about their transmissions.

A manual transmission will get better gas mileage than an automatic

Saving fuel is important for any driver, but it's especially important for a truck driver. Years ago, it may have been true that manual transmissions got better gas mileage that the automatic variety. Older automatic engines reached a much higher RMP and shifted much more slowly, which did use more gas. But today's transmissions have computerized parts, a huge number of variable speeds, and dual clutches that can actually give automatics the advantage. Even manual transmissions often have computerized components that can change gears without a hitch if the driver makes an error.

An automatic transmission is always cheaper to repair

In almost all cases, repairing a manual transmission will be cheaper than repairing an automatic. In fact, manual transmissions are often cheaper to purchase, too. An automatic transmission has a larger number of parts compared to a manual, so it's usually going to be more expensive to replace or repair. The only caveat to this argument, though, is that automatic transmissions will usually last the life of a vehicle as long as their are no abnormal malfunctions, while manual transmissions usually require replacement once or even twice simply due to normal wear. This could mean that a manual transmission will ultimately cost more over time.

An automatic and a manual transmission carry the same safety benefits

The truth is that a manual transmission does allow the driver to use engine braking when it's needed. Engine braking comes in useful when road conditions are rainy or icy, when driving down a steep grade, or in the event that the brakes fail. In these scenarios, having a manual transmission can actually be quite beneficial.

When a truck driver knows the truth behind their vehicle, they're better equipped to make purchasing and repair decisions. It's important for a truck driver to keep their vehicle in good condition by having it checked out often by a certified mechanic, like those represented at If your truck does need transmission repair, it's important to have it addressed as quickly as possible.