How To Sand, Patch And Paint Rock Chips

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How To Sand, Patch And Paint Rock Chips

10 September 2015
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You do not need to be an auto body specialist to repair paint chips on your car. While you should always leave the large dings up the the professionals, you should learn how to patch and paint small chips on your own. Even the smallest chips can eventually form into large rust spots that could lead to further deterioration. This is why it is so useful to learn how to patch paint chips: you can prevent serious, expensive damage. This article explains how to sand, patch and then paint small rock chips in your car paint.

Sanding with Automotive Paper

Automotive sandpaper is pretty much just like normal sandpaper. It is much smoother (it comes in grits over 4000) and it needs to be wet when sanding. This lubricates the sandpaper so it does not scratch your paint off. The key to using sandpaper is to just lightly rub off the glossy layer of paint. You can do this without removing too much of the actual colored paint. Of course, do not be too worried if you do accidentally rub off the paint because you will be covering it later. By rubbing off the glossy coat, you are leaving behind a rougher surface that the patch will stick to better. So, just sand a small perimeter around all the holes that you want to patch.

Patching the Rock Chip

Using auto body patch is a little tricky, only because it is thick and it dries quickly. It is similar to wood putty, but you need to work much quicker so it does not dry up. Spread it onto the chip with a small plastic putty knife. Do not be too concerned if the patch is not completely flat before it dries. You can re-sand the area to smooth it out further and create a seamless patch.

Painting the Patch

Painting the patch is easy if you have the right paint. Try to get factory replacement paint from the dealerships. Most major car manufacturers sell small touch-up cans off all their factory colors. So, you should have no problem finding a match for your car. The touch-up cans are made for small touch-ups and they even include a miniature brush.

This is all you have to do to paint and reseal your car's body. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake or a similar company.