Dealing With Broken Glass In Your Car Or Truck

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Dealing With Broken Glass In Your Car Or Truck

18 January 2023
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A broken window in your car or truck can be challenging to replace, but many auto safety glass replacement services are available to help. The windshield, rear glass, and side windows in your vehicle are all made from safety glass, and while there are some differences, they are all replaceable. Most auto glass services offer locations to take your car or mobile service that brings replacement glass to you.

Glass Damage

Window or glass damage can be different depending on the part of your vehicle where it occurs. The windshield is a laminated safety glass that typically cracks but is made to stay together and helps retain the passengers in the event of a crash.

The side and rear windows are also safety glass, but they are not laminated, so when an impact occurs, the glass breaks into many small pieces that fall out of the frame. The pieces are sharp enough to cut, but the glass will not form large shards and are safer than standard glass in most cases. 

Auto safety glass replacement with varying glass types is done in similar ways but requires some tools and training to ensure the glass will not leak or come loose after the work is complete. You must use the correct auto glass for the vehicle to ensure you do not have leaks around the glass that can let water and cold air into the passenger compartment. 

Window Replacement 

Auto safety glass replacement services will start any glass repair by removing the damaged glass from the window opening and cleaning off the seal that is there. Most modern cars and trucks use urethane seals to glue the glass in place on stationary windows, and if the old material is not thoroughly removed, the new material may not seal completely.

Moving windows still use rubber seals to allow the glass to move smoothly, and these seals may not need replacing if the glass breaks. The replacement for moving windows is often more involved because the glass is attached to a mechanism and track inside the door. However, the auto safety glass replacement service can remove the door panel, clean out the glass and install a new piece for you when necessary.

Once the seal on the stationary glass is removed, a new seal is put in place, then the replacement glass is positioned in the opening and pressed into the seal. It is vital that the glass sits flat against the seal, or air packets can form that will later leak around the glass. Most glass services warranty the installation, so if your glass does develop a leak, you can take the vehicle back, and they will reseal the window for you.