RV Slide Outs: What's Wrong With Yours?

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RV Slide Outs: What's Wrong With Yours?

10 August 2022
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If you need extra room in your RV to sleep at night, you may use the slide-out feature on a regular basis. But if your RV's slide-out doesn't slide out all the way or shuts down prematurely, seek RV repair services soon. The parts controlling your slide-out could be damaged. Learn more about slide-out problems and how to repair your RV's slide-out below.

What's Wrong With Your RV's Slide Out?

Many RV users rely on slide-outs for extra room at night. Although slide-outs make sleeping, camping, and other activities simple and convenient for RV users, the devices can stop working at times. Slide-outs may become partially extended from the vehicle, or they may not move at all. If you need to camp for the night and need the extra space in your RV, your fun and happy trip can quickly become a disastrous one.

Slide-outs stop working for a number of reasons, including mechanical problems. RVs use a special gear called a rack and pinion to extend and extract their slide-outs during use. The pinion must spin in a specific direction to turn or move the rack. If the pinion on your slide-out doesn't move, it won't activate the rack. The slide-out will remain in place rather than extend outward. 

Slide-outs can also stop working if they contain corrosion. Most slide-out parts contain some type of metal in them. If you inadvertently expose the metal to rain during your trips, it can rust. The slide-out will extend partially or not at all.  

If you're tired of struggling with your slide-out, repair it fast. 

How Do You Repair Your RV's Slide Out?

You can try to repair the slide out on your RV yourself, or you can take your RV to a repair technician for services instead. RV slide-outs may seem simple in design, but they aren't. The devices contain unique and potentially dangerous parts that may cause injuries when improperly handled. A technician can evaluate your vehicle's slide-out and see why it won't extend and/or extract properly for you.

A technician will most likely check the slide-out's safety locks and features before they check its rack and pinion. The device can lock in place if something jostles or damages the safety features. If the safety lock is behind your slide-out's problems, a technician can solve it for you.

If the rack and pinion require repairs, a technician can handle the job for you. A technician can either repair the parts or replace them. If the parts are badly damaged, a technician will most likely replace them.

Learn more about slide-outs and why your RV's slide-out won't extend properly by contacting a repair technician soon. 

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