Diagnosing Transmission Issues In Your Car Or Truck

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Diagnosing Transmission Issues In Your Car Or Truck

21 June 2022
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The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the drive wheels. When the transmission is not working correctly, some symptoms can arise that indicate the need to take the vehicle to a shop offering transmission services and testing.

Slipping Transmission

A transmission that is slipping when you apply power can be a significant issue, and there are a few different things that can cause it. The transmission type is vital because slipping can occur for various reasons in an automatic transmission than in a manually shifted one. 

Shops that offer transmission services can work on both types of transmissions, but they cost to fix them, and the type of repairs required may be different. A slipping automatic transmission may have a dirty filter that needs service, while a manual transmission may need clutch work to resolve the issue. 

If your vehicle transmission is slipping under power, start by taking it to a local transmission repair shop and have them inspect it for you. Many times the tech can diagnose the issue quickly and give you an estimate for the repairs. Newer vehicles may have diagnostics in the vehicle's computer system, allowing the technician to look for trouble codes in the transmission. Still, often the codes offer a starting point that gives the tech a starting point for your repairs.

Grinding Or Poor Shifting

A transmission that is not shifting correctly can quickly become an issue and cause the vehicle to work harder than it should as you are driving. If you have an automatic that is not shifting up and down correctly, the transmission services tech will need to check the fluid level, the condition of the fluid, and the filter inside the case to determine if the system is getting adequate pressure.

Standard transmissions that are shifting hard are often a more significant issue because the problem could be related to the clutch, the gear sets inside the transmission, or the synchros that allow the gears to move in and out of position while the vehicle is moving. In both cases, the solution will likely involve internal repairs that can become expensive very quickly. 

Avoiding the repair and driving the vehicle can eventually lead to transmission failure. Running the vehicle in the wrong gear because it won't shift can cause the engine to overrev and damage the bearings and valve train. Transmission services can be expensive, but start with an estimate, and then you can determine if it is more cost-effective to repair the vehicle or replace the transmission completely to resolve the issues you are having.

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