Three Signs That Indicate You Need Tire Repair

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Three Signs That Indicate You Need Tire Repair

15 July 2021
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Due to the amount of pressure and friction exerted on a vehicle's tires, it is normal for your tires to get damaged in various ways. A tire getting damaged doesn't necessarily mean that you need to get a new tire. If the damage is minimal, it is advisable to seek out tire repair services instead of buying new tires. Besides, tire repair is cheaper than tire replacement, especially if your finances are tight.  

However, it is essential to know when you should take your vehicle in for tire repair. Thus, here are three signs that will let you know it's time to get tire repair services.

Frequent Deflation 

Typically, you don't have to inflate your tires every day. However, if you constantly realize one or more of your tires keeps losing pressure as you drive, chances are you have a slow leak. A slow leak can result from a minute hole that keeps letting air out of your tires as you drive.

Sometimes, it can take days for your tire to deflate completely. Thus, a slow puncture may be hard to detect at first. However, if you frequently find yourself re-pressurizing a particular tire, you can be sure you have a slow puncture.

A tire repair shop can help solve a slow puncture by applying patching or plugging techniques to prevent the tiny hole from continuing to deflate your tire. Thus, you don't need a new tire but rather a good tire repair job.

Worn Out Treads

It is common for your tire treads to get worn out over a long time. However, you don't have to wait until the treads of your tires are gone to replace them. Instead, when you realize your tire treads are beginning to diminish or your vehicle is losing grip on the road, you can have them repaired through retreading services.

Tire retreading involves adding fresh tread rubber to the original casing of the tire. Thus, retread tires are just as effective in terms of gripping the road as new tires. Additionally, tire retreading is cheaper than buying new tires.

Uneven Tire Wear 

If you installed new tires on your vehicles simultaneously, the rate of wear should be even on all wheels. However, if you notice that some of the tires have worn out more than others, there is an issue. In most cases, tires will wear out more quickly if your wheels are misaligned or your tires are not balanced. This can also happen if the tire has a broken belt.

Irrespective of the issue, a tire repair shop can help you out by conducting a wheel alignment, rebalancing your tires, or rotating your tires. In some instances, a tire repair shop may recommend all three services to ensure your tires wear out evenly.