What To Look For In An Auto Shop For A European Car

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What To Look For In An Auto Shop For A European Car

30 July 2016
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When people think of European cars, they think of terms like German engineering and Italian luxury. On the other hand, not every European car or model is a precision-designed treat for the senses. That being said, if you buy a European car, you need to make sure that you take care of it properly so that it will run properly for years to come. This is where it pays to take your car to an auto shop that really knows how to work on European cars. 

Parts Availability

In the case of many European cars, the parts are made and manufactured in Europe. That means if a part wears out, you might not just be able to go down to the local auto parts store and buy a new one. Your access to aftermarket parts may be similarly limited, so you won't be able to find a ready supply of generic parts to replace damaged parts. Make sure the auto shop you choose has systems in place to streamline their access to replacement parts for European vehicles. 


Working on a European car is not the same thing as working on the average American car. Thus, you can't just take your car to the nearest mechanic and hope that they will have the right tools and training to do a good job with your car. In fact, in the case of some of the finely tuned European sports and performance cars, if you don't take your car to a properly trained and certified mechanic, you can void the warranty. A mechanic who routinely works on American cars likely has neither the experience nor the training to work on European cars. Thus, before you take your car in for a tune up or a major repair, you need to make sure that you interview mechanic shops and verify that they have the right personnel on hand to take care of your car. 

When you buy a European car, chances are that you want to experience some of the prestige that such cars are known for. You need to know, however, that when you buy a European car, you are committing to the challenge of taking care of the car. You can't just cut corners and take your car to the most conveniently located auto shop. If you are going to pay the money to buy a fine-tuned European driving machine, make sure you find mechanic who is stocked and qualified to quickly and properly take care of you car.