3 Tips For Determining If Brake Repairs Are Needed When You Are Test Driving A Used Car

Does your vehicle stall or stutter when you come to a stop? If this is a problem you are experiencing click here to learn more about it.

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Does your vehicle stall or stutter when you come to a stop? Do you struggle to keep your foot on the gas at each stop light to ensure the car doesn't stall in the middle of traffic? There are several issues that could be causing your car to stall - some of these problems are easily fixed. If this is a problem you are experiencing, take a moment to visit my website. There, you will find a list of possible causes, some troubleshooting techniques and what your mechanic may do to keep your car running when you stop. It is my hope that you will find exactly what you need to help keep your car running from start to stop.


3 Tips For Determining If Brake Repairs Are Needed When You Are Test Driving A Used Car

2 May 2016
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If you are like many Americans, you are still a bit leery of acquiring unnecessary debt as a result of the recent financial problems seen across so much of the United States. Therefore, when you need a new vehicle, it is likely to be a new-to-you vehicle. When you are test-driving those used cars, it is a good idea to be aware of the following three signs of a problem with the brakes and plan accordingly.

#1-Squishy Brake Pedal

If you attempt to stop the vehicle and cannot do so easily because the pedal itself must be all the way to the floor or it feels like you are stepping on a piece of overly ripe fruit, it is often indicative of a serious problem with the braking system. Specifically, it is often the result of an interior or exterior leak of the master cylinder.

In that instance, you will find that repairing the master cylinder is not always financially appropriate. Therefore, you may find that replacing the entire master cylinder is the best choice and that is not cheap.

#2-Car Pulls To The Side When You Use The Brakes

If you notice that the vehicle you are considering buying pulls to the side when the vehicle slows and stops, there are several problems that it can be. For instance, it could be an alignment problem that could be easily remedied by having the tires aligned. Alternatively, it can also be uneven tire pressure, which is typically a cheap fix.

Other possible issues relate to the braking system. Specifically, when stopping, vehicles with a hydraulic brake system use the brake's calipers to apply the necessary pressure to the brake pads. If the caliper does not release or work properly, you will notice the car pulling to the side. A collapsed brake hose could also cause the problem.

#3-The Vehicle Shakes When You Brake

A third common issue is seen when the car shakes as it stops. If you notice that problem and your car has disc brakes, it is probably a sign that the front brake discs need to be either replaced or professionally machined.  Having them professionally machined is a good choice as long as the rotors are not already too thin to benefit from the process.

If they are too thin, current laws will prevent a mechanic from machining them. If that occurs, your only option would be to have them completely replaced.

In conclusion, brake repairs are a common problem with used cars. If you are considering buying a used vehicle with any of the above symptoms, it is very important to consult with your auto brake repair service before making any binding or expensive mistakes.