Tips On Preventing Auto AC Failure And Inefficiency

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Tips On Preventing Auto AC Failure And Inefficiency

11 November 2015
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Auto AC units are present in virtually all car models, yet few car owners clearly understand just how these systems work and how to properly maintain them. Your car AC does more than just blow cold air into the car. It is also charged with dispelling hot air and pollutants from the vehicle cabin to the outside. A regular auto AC service can help maintain optimum passenger comfort, especially on the hottest of days.

AC maintenance also helps keep the various components of the system, including the compressor, hoses, belts, evaporator, and vents in good working shape. It also helps prolong the life and efficiency of the car's air conditioning, which can save you the major expense of a new AC system. Here are some tips to help prevent your car's cooling system from malfunctioning.

Run the AC periodically

Your car's air conditioning can be a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and mildew especially during the cooler months when you don't use the system often. The accumulation of such contaminants in the AC vents can contaminate breathing air in the vehicle cabin, leading to health problem especially for sufferers of asthma or allergies. Circulating air through the AC system at least once a month can help prevent the buildup of such allergens.

Running the AC on full blast for a few minutes every once in a while can also help maintain coolant pressure in the system vents, preventing hardening of the hoses and seal failure. This also cleans out any moisture in the car, helping to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and eliminating any musty odor that could be coming from the AC vents.

Get your auto AC serviced

Having a qualified car technician examine your car air conditioning before the onset of summer can help ensure it works effectively when you most need it.

The AC service should include the inspection and replacement of coolant and a leak test of system lines and components to ensure there are no leaks that would undermine the cooling capability of the cooling system and cause environmental contamination. The service should also include tension adjustments on pulleys and drive belts that may have cracked or hardened over time.

A change of your cabin air filters at least every six months should also be performed to increase the life of your compressor, reduce fuel consumption and ensure pollen, dust, and other contaminants are effectively filtered out of the passenger compartment.

Finally, make sure that you ask the mechanic to clean the condenser fins, flush the radiator, check the operation of valves and thermostats and deodorize the entire cooling system. For more information, check with the professionals at Modern Auto Air.