How To Repair Dings On Your BMW

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How To Repair Dings On Your BMW

21 October 2015
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You should only try to fix dings and paint chips in your BMW if they are very small. It is probably only worth fixing a paint chip on your car if it is smaller than a penny. Otherwise, you should take your car to a licensed BMW auto body repair shop like August European. You can learn to easily fix small paint chips with the right tools and supplies. This article explains how to make such small repairs on your own.

Prepping the Car Body

The first step is to prepare the dinged area. You need to examine the ding to see if there are any chipped or raised edges on the paint. Any high edges can lead to problems down the road, even if they are painted over. Using a small auto body sponge sander, you can sand away any raised edges. Be careful to not scratch the area around the ding. You might only need to clean out the ding or chipped paint with a damp cloth. You don't want to sand if it is just going to create more work.

Painting the Ding

Painting the car ding is easy if you have the right supplies. Get replacement paint from a licensed BMW dealership. You should be able to find all factory paint colors for most years and models. Most replacement paint is sold in small touch up cans that are design for just such repairs. They are ideal for small dings because they even come with a little brush. The can is small and the brush is almost like an eyeliner brush. 

The trick to painting on a car body is making sure that you don't overpaint. Make sure you only paint the area that is damaged. This means you will need to dab the brush on a piece of paper or napkin before you paint the car. You don't want there to be too much paint on the brush. If the new paint does not seem to match the existing paint, it might need to be lightly buffed. A simple wool buffing attachment for a cordless power drill works very well. It will buff out the new paint, without scratching the car.

As you can see, making small touch ups to your car is quite simple. It might be a good idea to do your first ding repair on an area of the car that is less visible. A little bit of practice will allow you to make much more professional looking repairs.