Buying Your First RV? Don't Hit The Road Without These Tools!

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Buying Your First RV? Don't Hit The Road Without These Tools!

27 August 2015
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When you're getting ready to sign the papers on that first RV, it's an exciting time. Unfortunately, many first-time RV owners don't know what it's really going to be like on the road, so they may not be fully prepared for the potential problems they may face. Before you roll out for that first adventure, make sure you have some tools on hand that will help you with your RV-specific repairs.

Basic Tool Box

Despite the RV-specific components, most RVs also have some components that are common among automotive applications. This can include some of the engine parts and interior hardware components. Start by building a basic toolbox with these items as well as supplies like hammers and pliers.

  • Wrench sets – you'll want both metric and standard wrenches, because you never know what kind of connections you'll find at campsites.
  • Screwdrivers – Your screwdriver set should feature both Phillips and flat screwdrivers in various sizes. Include even the smaller, electronics-style screwdrivers for more precision repair work.
  • Cordless Drill – Cordless drills are a great investment for an RV. Not only are they handy for basic repairs, but they are great for raising and lowering your RV's stabilizing jacks, too. Make sure you have an extra battery and a charger handy, and opt for a drill that has a full bit set that are safe for both wood and metal.

Adhesive Supply

When you're in an RV, you'll find that adhesives of all sorts come in handy. Whether you're dealing with a loose piece of fabric, a door seal that isn't staying put or a screw that keeps coming loose, there are adhesive solutions for your needs. In addition to the standard rolls of duct tape, you'll also want to stock up on a few specialty adhesives.

  • High Strength Glue – a high-strength glue is a necessary for repairs that you need to be sure won't come loose again. This versatile adhesive holds just about anything together – tightly. In fact, it will even glue your fingers together, so use caution any time you use it.
  • Vinyl Adhesive – If you have vinyl interior in your RV, you're going to want vinyl adhesive. It's great for patching tears with the use of a vinyl patch kit.
  • Silicone Adhesive – Silicone adhesive is ideal for weatherproofing. If you've got gaps around windows or cracks that are allowing moisture to seep in, this is the fix for that.

Specialty Tools

While they may not be used often, these tools will be helpful and may save you on costly labor charges.

  • Wire Cutters – a set of wire cutters with strippers will make it easy to do basic electrical work. Invest in wire nuts, too, and you'll save on professional electrical repairs.
  • Level – it's good to have a level on hand, especially if you want to be sure that you've leveled the rig once you're settled on a campsite. This will help you avoid tipping the RV or causing damage due to leaning.
  • Zip Ties – Zip ties are a universal fix-it tool, because they are great for not only keeping wires together and keeping things out of the way, but they're also great for securing cabinet doors and keeping other things closed.

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