The Space You Need And The Mobility You Require - A Size Guide For Office Trailers

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The Space You Need And The Mobility You Require - A Size Guide For Office Trailers

3 April 2015
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Whether you're setting up temporary shop during an office remodel or establishing a strong corporate presence on a construction site, an office trailer can fulfill a wide variety of your needs. However, many people go in to office trailer rental without the information they need to guarantee that they're getting the most bang for their buck and the best use of their space.

Below, you'll find a size guide to common office trailers. Having this information in mind will allow you to make an informed decision about renting the trailer that will truly fulfill your needs and will grant you with the peace of mind of knowing you've made a truly cost-effective and efficient selection.


Typically the smallest commercially available office trailer, an 8x20 is a great choice if you plan to have limited staff. Generally speaking, a trailer of this size can be set up to contain two private offices or an open area with space for three desks, allowing you to maintain a receptionist along with two task-oriented employees.

8x20 trailers also typically offer the option of having a fold-down conference table. This can allow you to host meetings in your trailer with important clients without feeling like you're forced to invite them to a busy public location or into a crowded and cramped office.


For office trailer needs that require a little more space, a 10x32 plan may be necessary. These trailers can allow you to set up the same desk plan as the smaller unit, but can make that conference table a permanent fixture in case you need the common space more frequently.

10x32 trailers are also preferable for setups that require large, private office space. The private office can be constructed at one end of the trailer, allowing the remainder of the space to be a common work area that will still allow tasks to be efficiently performed.


If you're going to be moving to an office trailer for an extended period of time or if you need to maintain a large amount of support staff, a 24x60 trailer may be the right choice. Typically the largest commonly available office trailer rental, you'll be able to install four private offices while still maintaining a common work area. This could allow you to support as many as 8 to 10 staff members, providing you with the space you need to conduct every day business operations that you may have thought would be difficult.

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